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Our vision is that adaptive audio becomes a commonplace available for everyone and on any platform. 

We love audio
We are from all around the world

We develop adaptive audio technologies for interactive media


Our Story


We are all music lovers: a bunch of people who love music in all of its diversity. As a team, we cover the whole spectrum of interests from analogue and digital tech, through to composing, playing, recording and mixing. And, of course: listening. 


Based in our lovely Green Lobster Studios, with over 20 years of experience in music production and programming, we create technology for interactive media.


We believe it is time to be part of a new generation of music. We want to enrich the world with interactive and organic sound. Our vision is that Adaptive Audio becomes a commonplace available for everyone and on any platform. 



If you look back in history, music has been adaptive for ages. Music had always been played live, since there wasn´t any recording technology. And in most cultures, the music reacted to what happened around it, to the audience, the community, the co-singers, the dancers … 

We feel that, today, the music sector is somehow stuck. On one side, you have the musicians and producers, who deliver a perfectly mixed audio file, and once it’s out of the studio, it will never change again: it’s a digital code that will be reproduced a million times on millions of devices – and that’s it! It’s a one-way product, made by specialists, sold to passive consumers. 


But we believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. With what we are developing, we can open a whole world of new options to listeners, musicians, composers, and producers. can bring some fresh air, a new point of view - and, at the end of the day- new life to music. 

“Music is life itself” - Louis Armstrong 

Meet The Team

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