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Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund


What is adaptive music?


Wouldn’t you love to change the intensity, character, sound or the arrangement of a piece? This is all possible with the tools we´re developing. This is adaptive audio. We invite you to listen to adaptive music, as we've realized it with TableTone, an interactive audio app for TTRPG game masters. Take a listen to these examples and experience interactive music for yourself. And this is just a fraction of what can be done, we´re just getting started.

Removing the full stop from music production.

Technology can carry the character, the story, the emotions of the person who developed it. In the analogue world, devices are like instruments and are consequently not only designed according to technical requirements, but rather "by ear". Just like a Stradivari violin reflects the character and passion of its maker and his feeling for tone and expression.

A musical recording can capture those emotions and in the digital world it's possible to not only reproduce, but interactively rearrange them. Our solution enables listeners to do that on an emotional level. It’s all intuitive - no technical skills required.

Hintergrund mit Farbverlauf

This music is part of the large library of our upcoming TTRPG app TableTone

TableTone automatically selects the perfect soundtrack for the game location and situation and grants you control over the mood and sonic intensity of the music and ambiences, as well as the density and distance of sounds. Here you can have a listen to the music for the Location "Cave" and the Location "Forest" in four different situations: relaxed, mystical, sinister and combat.

This is our approach with Music, Ambiences and Sounds in the TableTone app.

Listen to some short examples of REAL-TIME work with TableTone. The audio is directly recorded from the app (internal alpha version). No additional processing. You can listen to the adaptivity of music, ambiences and sounds.


Location "The Tavern"  

  • Situation changes - relaxed and combat

  • Mood changes - from dark to bright

  • Intensity changes - low to high intensity


Location "The Forest" 

  • Start in the Situation Relaxed

  • Mood changes - from Dark to Neutral to Bright 

  • Playing around with the Intensity slider



  • Thunder, distance Close  

  • The same Thunder, distance Far 




  • Wolves with low density - Few 

  • Wolves with high density - Multitude 

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