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Abstrakter Hintergrund


We see ourselves not only as a company but also as a part of a bigger community, in which we connect, collaborate & share the same interests.

That's why we are happy to collaborate with:


Johannes Salvenmoser

Gamemaster & 3D figurines artist

Johannes Salvenmoser is a TRPG writer and designer for Ronin Arts Workshop, a local creative studio that specializes in 3D printing and is also a Game-Development-Graz board member. He helps out with overall TRPG and tabletop game consulting while also supporting social media marketing, community management and outreach efforts.


Game Dev Days Graz

Community event for everyone who is interested in game development

The Game Dev Day is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development or connecting industry. It is a place where devs can connect, share knowledge and talk with fellow game lovers. We have been supporting this event the last few years and we also participated and gave a lightning talk this year, 2022.


Manuel Kargl

Community Curator & TTRPG Game Master

Having been interested in Fantasy and Tabletop role-playing games his whole life, Manuel was brought into the collaboration with as a consultant in terms of TTRPG. After coming to Graz in 2010 and changing fields of study, Manuel finished his qualification as a caretaker and began studying Musicology. He started to collaborate with in June 2022.


Steve Aho

Drummer, Composer and much more


Steve Aho is a studio drummer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music director and conductor and offers arrangement, transcription, and orchestration services. He worked for John Williams, Adele, Harry Styles, Santana, Tom Morello, Paul Simon, and many others.

Steve has worked on adaptive music pieces and arrangements for, as well as drum recordings for a film soundtrack at the Green Lobster Recording Studios

David Hüttner

Artist, Graphical Designer

David, better know under his alter ego "Edison Wormhole", is an Artist and Illustrator from Vienna/Austria. He is specialized in cover artworks, illustrations, concept art, drawings and paintings. We teamed up with him and asked him to design the artwork for our Kickstarter campaign. And we think he did a damn well job!



TTRPG Stream & Podcast

Roll Seekers is a group of gamers who play Dungeons & Dragons for enjoyment. This play web series and podcast takes place in the "unfinished" world of Nabell where the original Gods are dead, but prayers are still answered, and beliefs affect reality. The tabletop role-playing campaign streams every other Tuesday at 6pm CT on Twitch. You can watch the first 30+ episodes on YouTube or find them anywhere you listen to podcasts.

We are excited to collaborate with them and can't wait to see TableTone in action during their gaming sessions. 

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