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Punkte verbinden


Meet the people behind the music



Deno is a classical composer, producer and artist. He holds a degree in modern composition from the University of Arts Graz. Although his compositions are performed by chamber ensembles and choirs specializing in avant-garde and improvisation, as a composer he focuses on dramatic symphonic music, industrial rock and electronics for computer games. He is one of the few European experts on the Indian stringed instrument "Esraj"


Ulrich Ellison has been gaining international recognition as an electric guitar player and songwriter whose sounds and tones are on the verge of the blues tradition and contemporary rock. Ellison’s guitar style is both economic and focusing on the essential statement. What underlies his sound is an ethereal quality that takes the listener on a musical journey. 


Canice is mostly rooted in urban music, hip-hop, dubstep, EDM and alike.  He produces instrumentals, interactive/ adaptive music for apps and games, ads, soundtracks and cinematic trailer music.



After years of experience as a session and live-drummer, Richard Tretzel  started to produce electronic music around 2000 and in his time in Vienna had collaborations, releases and live band gigs under the collective name of "Danny Decock" (Equinox records, Berlin).
Styles: IDM, EDM, Drum and Bass, Ambient, Downtempo...

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