Abstrakter Hintergrund


Videos to share our concepts, ideas, and perspectives


We are happy to give you a sneak peek into our welove.audio company life and the Green Lobster Recording Studios where we are based. We are also very excited to show you our products and what we are creating & developing. If you want updates on what’s going on in welove.audio, a youtube subscription is the way to go.

TableTone App

TableTone is our first product coming soon!

It’s a highly flexible, completely interactive and automated soundscape and music solution for Tabletop role-playing games. Stay tuned.

The story of Martin Widmann, Head of Development of welove.audio

"Programming was my first love", Martin "Widy" Widmann says. Well, true love lasts. He started coding as a kid and now he is the Head of Development at WLA. Besides outstanding computer skills, Martin brings in a deep love for music. So for this video portrait, we asked him to create his own soundtrack on the modular synthesizer that he built on his own and talk about his passion for coding and music.

Why Adaptive Music?

​​Wouldn’t you love to change the intensity, color, character, sound, or recombine a piece? This is all possible with the tools that we create. Co-Founder & CEO of welove.audio, Richard Tretzel, is talking about the vision, adaptive music, and what we create and develop.