What we are looking for

Developers, software engineers for

  • Further development, maintenance of WAA engine.
  • Finalizing development of desktop editor,
  • porting of all above to different platforms,
  • support/implementation WAA with development studios
  • product development and implementation of harvester 2.0 (audio plugin/standalone software)

Job/requirement specifications


  • Strong knowledge of C++
  • Ability to read and refactor existing code
  • Knowledge of C#, Lua
  • Experience with debugging and optimization
  • Hands-on experience with game engines Unity or Unreal
  • Has been on a team who has shipped at least 1 product in the past
  • Good comprehension of complex systems, independent and motivated work attitude

Additional skills that may help:

  • Communication skills
  • capable of working on/with documentations
  • some understanding of UI+UX and GUI development
  • Javascript, Juce, CSS, html
  • basic know-how about server infrastructure and administration
  • general knowledge of audio processing and tools like SoX, ffmpeg,
  • basic DAW knowledge, MIDI, plugins…

What we offer

  • Service contracts, freelancer jobs, part time/full time employment
  • An interesting, interdisciplinary startup company in the multimedia/game business
  • Nice coop partners
  • A multinational team

Does that make you curious?

Do not hesitate to drop us an email: jobs[at]adaptive.audio.
We would love to see you join our motivated team in one of the most exciting industries of our time.