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Richard Tretzel CEO welove.audio GmbH

Richard Tretzel


Richard is the managing director and owner of Greenlobster Studios in Graz. From recording and mixing to mastering, Greenlobster uses analogue equipment for its productions. This gives the productions that character, depth and warmth which many artists cannot do without.

Adam Sporka CTO welove.audio GmbH

Adam Sporka


Adam is a composer, producer, programmer, and researcher of adaptive music and interactive audio. He teaches and conducts research of user experience, audio interfaces, and artificial creativity. He has contributed to the award-winning RPG “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”, co-founded the Wasteland Wailers, and collaborated with Prague Spring Festival.

Denovaire Music Director welove.audio GmbH


composer, producer

Deno is a classical composer, producer and artist. He holds a degree in modern composition from the University of Arts Graz. Though his compositions are performed by chamber ensembles and choirs specialized in avant-garde and improvisation, as a composer, he focuses on dramatic symphonic music, industrial rock and electronics for computer games. He is one of the few European experts for the Indian stringed instrument “Esraj”.

Chief tartare


Daniel is an audio-visual designer and consultant. As a sound engineer for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, he is responsible for the sound of radio and television productions. In his spare time as a musician and producer he is involved in numerous productions in the fields of hip hop, electronic music, funk and jazz. He has a degree in systems science with an emphasis on economics.