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We create adaptive audio technology for interactive media because our vision is adaptive audio as a commonplace for everyone, on every platform. We are a multinational team of highly motivated people, passionate about music and games.

We are all music enthusiasts: people who love music in all of its diversity. As a team, we cover the whole spectrum of interests, from analogue and digital to composing, playing, recording and mixing. And of course: listening.

- Richard Tretzel, CEO

Wurlitzer (2).jpg

What we stand for:

  • We are audio, music & technology lovers.

  • While we love venturing into the digital world, our hearts will always belong to analogue. That´s why we feel so at home in our base, the Green Lobster Recording Studios.

  • We believe it is time to be part of a new generation of music.

  • We want to enrich the world with an interactive and organic sound.

  • We believe that there will be a revolution in music media and adaptive audio will be completely common in a few years.

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